Necessary Knowledge for the correct construction with stone

Letter from Mastromanolis to those who are really interested in learning about the right stone building

We Greeks have many advantages over other peoples, but we also have disadvantages. We hide these disadvantages but they work underground and always bring disasters, because we never seek to find out what is right and fix what you fix.

A disadvantage is the houses that are built of stone and everything related to stone, walls and so on. Engineers and architects today have no knowledge of the proper way to build stone because they simply did not learn it at the university where they studied and only know about concrete. But they are not interested in learning, because they are offended to seek and learn.

Like these two houses that look beautiful and surely the engineers who had taken them over have framed samples in their offices to find other customers who do not know how to build them and burn them too.

In the above photos we see 2 buildings on the left from Mani and the right from Crete. They both have the same build and both have the same problems.


Do the engineers know that this tower in Mani wanted 500 passing stones, wanted 300 rotatonas, wanted 500 stairs?

Did they know what all this is and the role that each one plays?

Did they know that we do not build the stone with cement but with a little cement and a lot of lime and not chemical materials?

They knew that we not only build the stones in front to look nice but also inside the wall we hit them with the hammer and we do not throw them without mud because that way the wall remains hollow inside and with a bad grout outside all the water enters the house.

Whatever you do next is half-measures and very expensive. Not only do these homes have a problem with humidity but they are also vulnerable to earthquakes. Human lives are in danger.

I tell the truth and in Greece when you tell the truth they want to hang you. That is why we go against the devil. In order to build this tower and to stop the humidity, it needs to be grouted again with the right materials and good work on the joint.

The problem is that the builders do not cross the stones inside the wall and do not build the stones inside the wall but they crumble so the walls remain hollow, vulnerable to humidity and earthquakes to make these interventions in this tower requires enough money, approximately 15,000 euros.

The testimony

In a three-day seminar I did at TEE Larissa at the end of the seminar we went to a traditional village in Metaxochori we had a lot of discussion about the old building. When we finished as an engineer, Mr. Souliotis, who worked in this village, told his fellow engineers. You all know that I am dealing with stone builders here now and only 20 years ago I learned that the stone is tied properly. This man was humiliated in front of 50 and more of his colleagues in order to then elevate himself to all his clients who would do his job properly.


If you want to build with stone, look for new engineers and architects who have studied in weekly seminars on the correct construction of stone.