Manolis Piperakis

A few words for me

Whatever stone you pick up Mastromanolis(Manoli Piperaki) you will find below!


I was born and live in a small village in the prefecture of Heraklion, Ano Asites. I learned the art of “stone” about 60 years ago. Before I even went to primary school my game was dirt and pebbles. When I was in elementary school I had taken a spoon I had made fun of it like a trowel and I always had it in my bag. I never read but I built houses as much as wood, even if I ate from my mother and my teacher I did not understand anything. So my teacher to pass me from one class to another graded me in crafts and in the exhibition that I was very good.My teacher saw me making copies as models of the houses in the village, the ones I liked, with balconies and stairs and she came to our house, found my parents and recommended them to take me to become a carpenter. So it happened.The stone is a material that I loved and I love it even more now because it is timeless and indestructible, you can take a bite and make him talk to you. I bonded with this solid material and recorded all its secrets. I also wrote a book to spread the art and its secrets, I started seminars for budding craftsmen. So today I found myself teaching in Greece the correct construction of stone. I think there are still old carpenters maybe better than me but they do not say here we are too. May we become many to leave a strong legacy of good building to future generations. It is a great honor for me to represent the old craftsmen and I do not omit a word from what they taught me and they had learned from others.So let your children pursue the profession they enjoy, they will satisfy themselves and help other people.