Learn to build Petra

This book is a very rich guide to the proper construction of stone. In a very descriptive and detailed way, it analyzes the building of the stone, the peculiarities of different types of rocks, but also buildings, while it gives rich instructions for beginners, but also tips for the craftsmen of the stone.
The 160 pages of the elegant manual with 55 years of experience describe, among other things, good practices for building an oven, for a stone bridge, for building high walls, for modern buildings, foundations, corners, stairs and presses. There is also a reference to the “International Sculpture Park”, in Agiothirida of Crete but also to unique stone wonders in the whole territory of Greece. There is also a photographic reference to various architectures on Mount Athos. The pages of the book are accompanied by rich photographic and explanatory material. The book is also available in English and German.